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Hope for India

Erin's Hope Foundation

Make Erin's Hope a reality in India. This is an incredible opportunity for us to make a difference by providing life-changing education through adult literacy for students who have never had the opportunity to learn to read or even write their own name.

How many students can we sponsor in Erin's memory? How many classes?

$25 sponsors one student; $750 funds an entire class. 100% of your donation will go to provide an education to the women and girls of India.
Donations are currently being matched.

Many thanks and may God bless our efforts to bring Erin's message and hope to India.

My Message to the World
Sharing my Peace, my Creator, my Sustainer, my Protector, so that everyone may know the happiness that comes from a life lived under Christ. Erin

To learn more, watch video when you turn your phone sideways to landscape....




raised of $7,500 goal
Help us support more students

Recent Donations

1. KKKaren King
To honor of our daughter and daughter-in-law on Mother's Day...they are amazing mothers....and to help girls like Lily in India who are getting an education and have hope for a brighter future.
2. ?Anonymous
3. LRLisa Renfro
4. SSusan Pennington
5. SSheri and Jim Hulsey
6. ?Anonymous

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